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Cooktown Tours Filling Fast

Posted: 12 Nov 2012

Hop on board and discovery historic Cooktown over the Eclipse period in our region.
Limited spaces for Thrusday 15th November, and Friday 16th November

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Sweet And Smelly Along The Track

Posted: 07 Aug 2012

“AWFUL smell, great taste” is Cooktown visitor Krystin Briggs’s opinion of the cheese fruit. If you enjoy durian, smelly tofu, or Roquefort cheese, then you’re going to love Cheese fruit (morinda citrifolia) also known as the frui...

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Cloned Tourists Would Increase Business

Posted: 31 May 2012

TWO boisterous and very funny twins, Alison and Jenny Hughes from Newcastle joined up with Mary Tuohy, a school faculty head from Melbourne ,to enjoy a refreshing Woobadda Creek dip last week. With her quirky humour, Alison joked: “ I travelled up...

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Tree Kangaroos Are Shy Creatures

Posted: 17 May 2012

TREE kangaroos are strange creatures. Along with cassowaries, I field lots of questions from visitors who have never seen one in the wild, but are fascinated by their weird appearance and behaviour. I’ve only ever spotted one on my 4WD tours -18 mon...

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Full Moon And Low Tides Highlight The Fringing Coral

Posted: 14 May 2012

THE recent long weekend saw lots of locals out and about enjoying the scenic local streams and beaches, plus the excellent fishing. Many took advantage of the clear full moon and the extra low tides in the late afternoon to enjoy the “stairway to th...

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Smile For The Camera Spartaca

Posted: 09 May 2012

ERWIN Lambert from Holland reckoned Spartaca looked as fat as a pig, and he was right. Spartaca is the nickname that has been given to the three metre croc that hangs out near the WujalWujal Falls during winter, but spring has returned for her - at least...

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Cooktown Discovery Weekend 8-11 June 2012

Posted: 15 Apr 2012

Time your visit to coincide with the 2012 Cooktown Discovery Festival which will take place from June 08-11, hop on board Adventure North Australia for a memorable weekend.

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Cooktown Discovery Festival 2012

Posted: 11 Apr 2012

A fully costumed re-enactment of the landing of Captain James Cook and his first meeting with the local Guugu Yimithirr people. Travel up with Adventure North on the 1 Day Cooktown Adventure (at $250per person) and Stay the entire weekend! Travelling up...

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Transit Venus From Australia 6th June 2012

Posted: 27 Mar 2012

Observing the June 6th 2012 Transit of Venus from Australia "Within the area that sees the entire transit, Northern Australia stands out as possibly the clearest place to observe the transit of Venus. Viewing geometry is not ideal, but when general viewi...

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Master Stone Mason Falls In Love With Cooktown Craft

Posted: 16 Mar 2012

THE Cooktown cemetery is one of the “must-do” visits for many tourists with a sense of history. The feel of the old rogues and characters of the gold rush andearly European settlement days is still around in bucket loads. The Normanby Woman, c...

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10,000 Happy Customers

Posted: 14 Mar 2012

Adventure North Australia celebrate taking over 10,000 customers on their 4wd Adventure tours to Cooktown. Now thats a lot of happy customers

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Spring In Cooktown

Posted: 27 Oct 2011

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Cooktown and the Tropical North as there are birds galore with orchids and flowers blooming everywhere. And of course its great fishing! Keen anglers are taking advantage of increased sunny days and lower wind conditio...

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Maggie Thatcher And Crocodile Smile On The Bloomfield

Posted: 25 Jun 2011

20th June 2011It's always worth repeating that 4x4 travellers can cross over the Bloomfield River. Work continues, of course, but it is proceeding well, and there have been absolutely minimal delays to traffic.The concrete slab decking has been fully ins...

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Winner Of Cairns Tourism Association -adventure North Australia

Posted: 05 Jan 2011

Cathy Wharton, tour guide for Adventure North Australia has won the prestigious Cairns Tourism Association Award for 2010.Cathy pictured with her award, Mayor Val Shields and far right owner of Adventure North Australia, Maryanne Jacques.

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Plant A Rainforest Project

Posted: 04 Jun 2009

Rainforest Rescue will be continuing with their amazingly successful Plant a Rainforest Project in the Daintree from the 22nd to the 26th of June and from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July. The trees have grown incredibly well in the tropical climate. I...

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Things To See And Do In Cooktown

Posted: 26 Nov 2008

There is so much to see and do in Cooktown! A wonderful untouched paradise where you can immerse yourself in this small historic coastal town surrounded by stunning countryside. Fish with the locals down at Fisherman's wharf, once one of the busiest ports...

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New Look Rainforest Rescue Website

Posted: 11 Oct 2008

Rainforest Rescue has just launched its new look website. We have designed it so it is easier to navigate and we have added a Rainforest Blog packed full of news and useful information about our precious rainforests. Have a look and let us know what you t...

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Rainforest Rescue Purchases 10th Daintree Property. No. 11 Coming Up

Posted: 14 Aug 2008

Rainforest Rescue announces the purchase of a tenth property through the Daintree Buy Back and Protect Forever Project.This is extremely good news for the critically endangered Southern Cassowary. It prevents another housing development with all its assoc...

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David Suzuki Helps Rescue The Daintree

Posted: 14 Aug 2008

David Suzuki, the internationally acclaimed broadcaster, journalist and biologist is making his voice heard as a spokesperson for Rainforest Rescue."Come on Australia" said David Suzuki. "This is important work. All Australians should get b...

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